Terms of use

The present legal document regulates the use of the website RENT ROOM. The use of the website confers the condition of user and implies the full acceptance and without reserves of all and each of the provisions included in these terms of use.

RENT ROOM reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time without prior notice. In this course, will be announced on this page the changes made with reasonable notice before its implementation, so we recommend that you read periodically these terms of use. Once announced the changes, the use of the website will constitute acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

If, at any time, you do not wish to accept the terms of use, you must stop using this website. Any condition or clause that you propose, communicate or imagine, and that you modify these terms of use shall not be taken into account for RENT ROOM and won't have any effect.


1. For "RENT ROOM" are to be understood all the features, content and services that we offer you through our website, RENT ROOM, and through any other affiliate website or related to them, including subdomains and any other alternative domain.

2. "Website" means the same as "RENT ROOM".

3. By "you" means the person, device, service, API or application that is accessing the web site.

Acceptance of terms of use

You acknowledge that you have read and accept the conditions of use of RENT ROOM. Also represents, warrants and promises that it has the legal capacity to enter into this agreement, that you will not use any right granted in these terms of use for illicit purposes and who will use the service only in the way that is described in the terms of use.

Restrictions of use

You may not use this web site to prepare, plan, and/or perform activities that are illegal or inconsistent with these terms and conditions. In addition, you agree to use the service only for your personal, non-profit, and not for resale, transfer or disposition to the use of, or direct or indirect benefit of any other person or entity.

You agree to notify RENT ROOM, by any means and in the manner that it deems appropriate, if you notice unauthorized use of the website by any third party or any infringement of copyright defined above.